About Us

Plan4You Ltd has been established by Daren Baynes, who joined the Insurance industry back in 1985

During my career I have worked for three major insurance companies and provided financial solutions and technical support for Financial Advisers and their clients.

Having worked with many advisers over the years, I have gained an invaluable insight into what makes a successful practice and how to create a positive client experience.

Between myself and my administration team we have a combined industry knowledge of over 70 years, we believe that we can offer our client’s a very personal and professional service.

“My aim is to help ensure that my clients achieve their personal, business and financial goals and this can be met by offering a full Lifestyle Financial Planning Solution” – Daren Baynes

If you start working in your twenties and retire at age sixty, you may spend as many years in retirement as you did working
Always prepare yourself for a financial emergency, even when you don’t see a possibility of a rainy day in your future
You can always alter and adapt your plan, provided you have one
You wouldn’t get in a car and drive aimlessly, hoping to eventually arrive at a pleasant destination. So why would you even consider doing this with your finances?
In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death or taxes